Quarantine Puppies

By Caryn Gardner, Section Editor

For almost a year now, the world has battled an infectious disease. People around the world remained confined in their homes while facing restrictions outside of them. Being in a house more often than before can cause boredom and stress. Some have turned their boredom and stress into productivity and skill learning, this has been time to reflect on our lives and appreciate the lifestyle we all once lived. Relief from boredom for some has been quarantine puppies. Surveys show that there have been an increased amount of dog owners over the course of the pandemic. According to the Huffington Post, dogs are proven to reduce stress, increase activity, and can improve social skills. Ways to add a pet to your family include fostering, adopting, or buying a puppy. 

Fostering a puppy provides a temporary home for animals prior to adoption. This is used to provide a safe place for puppies until they are of age to be adopted. It can also be a way for animals who have just undergone medical procedures and need a safe place to recuperate. Some benefits of fostering a puppy include being able to see if you want to be a permanent pet owner or just to have someone to lift your spirits. Adopting is the stage that comes after fostering. The adoption process of becoming a pet owner of a previously owned or abandoned dog is permanent unlike fostering. Adopting an endangered animal gives them a safe environment, saves an animal’s life, reduces puppy mills, and even increases health. Although this method is sometimes considered unethical, desired pet owners can also buy puppies from breeders. Breeding is different from the other options because the puppies do not have previous owners and this option is permanent. In terms of safety, it may be better to purchase an animal from a breeder to avoid contact, but this is a debatable issue.

In an interview with Leyla Ustun, a tenth grader attending Flint Hill, she spoke about her experience when adopting two puppies during quarantine. Leyla adopted two sibling puppies named Artemis and Athena. They are named after Greek goddesses similar to Leyla’s eldest dog Che. During quarantine, Leyla said she wanted to rescue animals which is what she did. Artemis and Athena are rescues from the Wolf Trap Animal Rescue. Leyla first fostered Athena and Artemis for two weeks before she decided to make a full commitment to becoming a pet owner of three. When asked how welcoming more pets into her home has helped her through the pandemic, Leyla said “all three of my dogs have introduced me to a healthier lifestyle when I take them on walks and just play with them.” Leyla also mentioned that “all three of [her] puppies have brought an abundance of joy to [her] family.” 

I also interviewed Sydney Bryant, another tenth grader from Flint Hill, Sydney’s family had been wanting to become pet owners for a while but had always prolonged the search. During quarantine, their schedules changed drastically which allowed them to finally become puppy owners. Mr. Charming, Sydney’s puppy, was bred in Virginia Beach and brought to his new home seven months ago. Mr. Charming is a white Bichon Frise who is just under ten pounds. When discussing how Mr. Charming has helped her family through the pandemic, she said “Charming brought [her] family closer because of the bond [they] all shared with him.”

During quarantine, my family welcomed a new addition to our family. Sandy, my eldest dog, was bred and introduced to my family five years ago. When my family decided we wanted a second puppy, we visited the same breeder that introduced Duke to our family. Sandy and Duke are both beige cockapoos. Watching my animals interact is a breeze of reassurance. My dogs are unaware of what is happening in the outside world and seeing that interaction helps me to forget all the negative things happening as well. 

To conclude, it is evident that animals can really impact you for the better. They bring joy and happiness into a household which is exactly what families need during this time. Did you welcome a pup into your home recently?