What Happened to Asynchronous Wednesdays??

By Gideon Bobb-Semple, Section Editor

The pandemic has changed a lot of things for our school, and the world as a whole. Flint Hill chose to conduct a hybrid model of schooling, and the schedule had to be modified to be the most efficient for every student. Along with this, we had a lot more homework than before. The upside to the hybrid model was that we had Wednesdays off so students were able to finally get a break or catch up with their work. 

By the second semester, many students felt comfortable with the schedule, however, this did not last. Now that the positive COVID cases have started to decrease as a result of vaccines being released, students at Flint Hill now have the option to attend school in person every day of the week, during certain weeks. This also includes online Wednesdays, which sparked a lot of confusion for students. Many wondered why the school would take away a day that was very helpful to them and their studies. 

I interviewed a few students on the matter. My first interviewee is Cole Clark. He mentions that he is very disappointed to lose this day to work. Due to football, he always has a lot of schoolwork to do when he gets home. Asynchronous Wednesdays helped him immensely because, after football, he was able to relax after a long practice. When Wednesday came around, he used it to finish his work and be prepared for his Thursday classes. My last interviewee is Hana Abuhamda, who is also an athlete and has to travel to play in tournaments. She has practice every day of the week and has to go to different states to play in tournaments. Wednesday was her day to finish projects and homework so that she would not have such a large workload over the weekend. Overall, many students are not happy that the asynchronous Wednesday has been taken away from them. But maybe it will change over time, once the faculty realizes how much it helps us with our school work. Hopefully, students will be able to still maintain good grades in all their classes without the extra help on Wednesday, and I believe that with extra work and consideration from our teachers, we will be able to achieve this!