Plans for Spring Break

By Caryn Gardner, Section Editor

One of the most anticipated break periods, spring break, looks very different this year. With the pandemic in an uncertain place, plans for the long awaited and well deserved break are also unpredictable. Travelling and congregating is limited, so what can you do? According to Virginia’s COVID guidelines, citizens are supposed to maintain physical distance with those not of the same family, limit occupancy of physical places, and limit in-person work gatherings or other recreational functions. It is important to remain considerate of the circumstances of the world when considering ways to enjoy spring break. The keyword to keep in mind this break is ‘flexibility.’ Try new things, have fun in different ways, and overall, have fun! Ways to have fun include playing sports, playing with your pets, cooking, baking, going on walks, playing board games, or even just spending quality time with your family.  

I spoke with several students from Flint Hill about how they spent their two weeks safely. In a brief conversation with sophomore Hana Abu-Hamda, I learned of all the ways she was able to enjoy her spring while still adhering to covid guidelines. To start off the first week, Hana’s older brother came to visit. Since she couldn’t hang out with her brother outside of her home, she compromised by staying indoors and hanging out with him in her home. Hana’s week was then occupied with doctor’s visits until it was time for school to begin again. 

Gideon Bobb-Semple, a sophomore, shared his spring break recap with me. His week began with his aunt visiting his family. They made rice krispie treats and other deserts. He mentioned that the quality time he spent with his family strengthened the bonds he’s already made and drew him closer to the people most important to him. Next, Gideon hid Easter eggs from his younger cousins so they could participate in their annual Easter egg hunt. There were less than ten people during this function, so they were adhering to all of the COVID protocols. Usually the Easter egg hunts in his family are more grand, but he was able to be flexible and considerate of others. Later in the next week, Gideon visited a friend. The rest of his break, he stayed home limiting contact from others until it was time for school to begin again. 

In my family, we played board games, card games, watched movies, baked, and went on hikes. Traditionally, my family invites our friends over to play games and enjoy each other’s company. During spring break, we played games but just within my family. The game my family most enjoys playing is called Family Feud. Like the show on television, teams compete by answering a series of questions until you get to a certain amount of points. This game is a lot of fun and truly unites a family in a short game. Recently my family tried to explore new movies. We usually pick an actor or actress and watch all of their films. During this break, I’ve been able to explore all different genres of films and do it all with my family. Since the pandemic has happened, my family began cooking a lot more and it has become a hobby. My family and I made all sorts of delicious treats and baked goods for us to enjoy. We aren’t that experienced, but it is something we enjoy doing especially during the break. Later in the week, my mom and I went to Vermont to go on a hike. We started at the base of a mountain and then made our way up. We only hiked three miles up the mountain before we turned around to head down the mountain. The mountain was empty of people so there was never a risk of coming in contact with other people. 

Whatever you decide to do for spring break, just remember to be safe and considerate. All of the ways mentioned above are both safe and are respectful of the current pandemic. Being safe does not mean you can’t have fun. So try new things, pick up new hobbies, and learn something new.