The Lifer Ceremony


By Paras Bhanot, Section Editor

While this year may not be completely normal as it once was before the pandemic, Flint Hill is still continuing its long-lasting traditions. One of Flint Hill’s oldest traditions that will be continued this school year is the Lifer Ceremony. This tradition, taking place at the start of the school year, celebrates those who have been in the FHS community since Junior Kindergarten or Kindergarten. This year, the graduating Lifers are: Genevieve Baetz, Marisa Johnson, Courtney Lamont, Stephen Milman, Andrew Pestone, and Edward Rice. The Lifers of our school truly appreciate the school continuing this event despite the All-School gathering being held virtually this year. Junior Bridgit Cook said, “I think it’s good to give people who have been a part of the community for so long a chance to participate in the ceremony as a way to symbolize unity.” 

For those who do not know, those who have been in the FHS community since JK light a lantern that stays lit all school year until the last Husky graduates. The kindergarten are able to participate by watching them light this lantern. While this Husky tradition is a way to celebrate those who have been at our school the longest, it is also important as this ceremony is symbolic of how we all “pull the sled” together to cross the finish line. All of us Huskies should appreciate the hard work and dedication that the school is putting in to make sure we can still retain our school traditions that we have grown to love. Go Huskies!