Sadies Returns to Flint Hill With the Help of the SCA!


By Amelia Vineyard, Deputy Editor

Flint Hill’s Spring Formal is back! Popularly known as Sadies, named after Sadie Hawkins, Flint Hill Students were exuberant to welcome back the popular tradition of a Spring Dance. Students of all ages were invited to attend the dance on Saturday, April 9th, where the SCA had decorated the Learning Commons and hired a DJ to play music. One of Flint Hill students’ favorite traditions has always been the all-school dances, and the whole community was excited to be able to return to the festivities! 

Sadies was similar to the fall’s Homecoming dance, as the dance was both shorter and students had to arrive by nine o’clock. However, many aspects differed, as the SCA picked a new theme, and there was a brand new DJ working the dance. Senior Shea Gillepsie, a member of the SCA, explains the SCA’s role in the dance: “The SCA has a great dynamic, we split up into committees and planned different things. We were really passionate about Sadies because Homecoming went so well.” The SCA plans the entirety of school dances at Flint Hill, and Shea wanted to recognize all of the important contributions the students make that often go unnoticed. As a senior, she remarked that planning the last dance was “bittersweet,” but she was excited to see how the changes they implemented this year were used in the future. 

Shea also talks about the importance of the SCA’s work when creating the dance: “I think a big part that the student body tends to overlook is how much work goes into it, and that’s working with Mr. Chang and Ms. Turner, and other members of the faculty and administration, and also making sure that you have a great relationship with your counterparts in the SCA.” 

Indeed, when examining the intricate decorations and immense preparation that go into the Spring Dance, it is easy to appreciate the amount of work our student leaders have put into their efforts. The Spring Dance would not be possible without the effort and collaboration of both the SCA and administrative leaders, who dedicate their time and energy to creating fun events for the community to enjoy. Without them, Sadies would not have been nearly as enjoyable as it was!