The Class of 2022 Embarks on Senior Projects

By Soliana Yimtatu, Section Editor

As the 2021-2022 school year comes to a close, the seniors wrap up their four years of high school education with their senior projects. These projects act as a stepping stone into the real world. At the end of every academic year, seniors complete these projects to finalize their high school academic journey and to get a head start on their future college academic endeavors. Seniors at Flint Hill use the courses they have taken throughout their time at Flint Hill to figure out their passions and how they can apply the skills they have learned to this project. 

We see our seniors participating in all sorts of activities ranging from internships, community service-oriented projects, blogs, podcasts, and much more. For example, Senior Swetha Madiraju plans to work on a blog where she uploads weekly articles discussing debates in the Virginia Legislative Sessions. She states, “As a future lawyer, I believe that building onto my knowledge regarding anything involving litigation is necessary towards my path to joining the legal field. The senior project I have chosen will allow me to expand on not only my understanding of legal matters but also my research abilities.” 

Another senior, Lexie Perez, says, “For my senior project, I am interning with an artist to create jewelry with recycled materials. Since taking environmental science this year, I have begun picking up trash and collecting materials that can be repurposed into jewelry. I believe this skill will be helpful in the future with the worsening climate crisis, as we need to use resources sustainably.” It is evident that the Flint Hill Class of 2022 is using this project opportunity to explore their passions or possible future careers, and we look forward to seeing the results of these projects as well as how these seniors apply the skills they have learned to the real world.