Queen Elizabeth Dies At Age 96

By Amelia Vineyard, Deputy Editor

Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom died on September 9th, 2022, sparking widespread celebrations of her life, not only in the U.K., but across the world. Queen Elizabeth was renowned for her life accomplishments, including her lifelong devotion to both her country and her family. Queen Elizabeth assumed her royal title in February of 1952, and her death marks seventy years of her continual service. She was the longest-serving monarch to date, and she served beside fourteen American presidents. 

America has long shed its formal ties with the British crown, but that didn’t stop Americans from mourning the loss of the Queen following her death. Many recognized her importance as a powerful female within the political realm and were saddened by the loss of such an influential woman. Others grieved the loss of an icon of tradition, someone who represented generations of the monarchy and its esteemed heritage. For many Americans, the monarchy is stooped in mystery, particularly because Americans don’t always understand the mass adoration of the monarchy.  However, Americans do understand the significance of celebrity, and for many, the Queen and the rest of the royals symbolized the intersection of fame and power, something that deeply fascinated Americans and cultivated a large following. 

Queen Elizabeth was not entirely foreign to American soil and its political structure; she was the first and only British monarch to address a joint meeting of Congress in 1991. In honor of her death, the Capitol lowered its flags to half staff and passed a bereavement revolution with unanimous support. Politicians from both Republicans and Democrats shared messages of condolences, including American President Joe Biden who stated that Queen Elizabeth was “a stateswoman of unmatched dignity and constancy.” Also in Washington, D.C., Americans left floral tributes outside the British embassy in a mass demonstration of support. 

Although the Queen was a foreign political figure, she impacted individuals across the world. As Flint Hill Huskies, we can recognize the significance of a powerful role model, and someone who advocated for continual service.