Writing Contests in the Upper School


By Ellie VanDuyne, Section Editor

Calling all writers! Flint Hill’s English Department is promoting several upcoming writing contests, and all interested writers should look no further. Contests are a great way for students to showcase their work and receive feedback to improve their writing. This year, Flint Hill is promoting several competitions that offer high school students the unique opportunity to be widely recognized.


The Scholastic Awards


Scholastic is perhaps the most prominent creative contest for teens in America. Running since 1923, Scholastic Awards offer teens in grades 7-12 an opportunity to submit their work and be recognized for their achievements in the arts. With 28 categories to submit to, categories range from ceramics to digital art to poetry. The submission deadline is December 1. All students have to do is create an account with Scholastic, submit their work, and pay an entry fee. Winning one of these prestigious awards can result in showcases, publications, or even scholarships of up to $12,500.


Bennington College Young Writers Awards


Bennington College has produced some of history’s most accomplished writers, including twelve Pulitzer Prize winners and three U.S. poet laureates. The Young Writers Awards aim to recognize outstanding writing achievements by high school students and to promote excellence in high school writing. Students in grades 9-12 are encouraged to participate in one of the following contest categories: poetry, fiction, or nonfiction. First place winners in each category will receive $1,000, with second place at $500, and third place winners at $250. Additionally, finalists and winners of the awards are eligible for undergraduate scholarships at Bennington. Young Writers Awards winners who apply and enroll at Bennington will receive a four-year scholarship of $60,000. The contest closes on November 1.


WriteCause Competitions


While still a mostly unknown organization, WriteCause is a volunteer-run organization that runs free quarterly writing contests focused on major world topics. Run by teens, WriteCause is dedicated to encouraging teens to reflect on the current issues that the world faces. Their current topic is gun control, but a new quarter starts soon. WriteCause allows teens from ages 12-18 to enter from around the world, with a range of submission formatting including poems, short stories, and essays. There is no cash prize for placing, but the winner’s entry will be featured on their website.


The Rough Draft


Flint Hill’s very own literary and arts magazine, The Rough Draft selects students’ work to showcase in their magazine every year. Submission forms include prose, poetry, nonfiction essays, as well as any form of art and photography. This year’s theme is adjustment and transition, encouraging students to focus on the adversity they faced and what they’ve learned because of it. In addition to submitting, the English Department offers awards in the spring, giving winners a chance to be featured in the magazine. The deadline is February 11.