First Quarter Conclusion


By Saanvi Lamba, Section Editor

The time since the beginning of the year has quickly passed, and Flint Hill is approaching the end of the first quarter of the 2022-23 school year. On October 24, all grades will be submitted into grade books and contribute to first-semester scores. With this date around the corner, teachers remind students to complete and turn in all their assignments. Keep pushing to finish the first quarter of the 2022-23 school year! Now that the first quarter is concluding, the ability to eat outside will be halted until the fourth quarter; All students must eat in the designated areas. 

Though it has felt short, the first quarter contained a multitude of events: the first business dress day, the first Open Mic session, the majority of the Flint Hill fall sports season, and the Flint Hill homecoming pep rally and dance, which many students have remarked they’ve seen a higher attendance than the past couple of years. 

As all students are affected by this date, they have been able to provide their opinions and advice regarding the 2022-23 school year so far. For some students, the first quarter was a period of adjustment and planning for the year ahead. Lauren Freireich, a freshman, expressed, “I feel a little stressed out with the workload and am still trying to adjust to the different types of teachers and their styles. On the other hand, I like the freedom of the upper school.” Preparation for the year ahead is a shared idea combined with a general liking and appreciation for the opportunities offered at Flint Hill. This concept was also communicated by freshman Shahzain Farhan, “So far, my freshman year has been going well. I have so many more options to choose from, and I get to learn new things, which I hadn’t had the chance to experience before.”

 As it is valuable to stay on track with grades and extracurriculars, many Huskies have reminded others to keep to a timely schedule, always be prepared, take every opportunity available, and strive to do their best. With all this in mind, I, and the rest of Flint Hill, wish everyone good luck in their endeavors for the 2022-23 school year ahead.

*image can be found on the Flint Hill Instagram page @flinthillschool