Dress Down Day

By Morgan Brown, Section Editor

Everybody at Flint Hill is aware that business dress days have returned to the Upper School. As part of business dress day, students are required to wear business attire such as blazers, dress pants, heels, skirts, etc. Before COVID, business dress days were something that regularly occurred within the upper school.  Now in the 2022-2023 school year, with almost everything back to normal, Business Dress days have returned. 

Another change that went into effect this year is the more stringent dress code policy compared to the last couple of years. With these factors in mind, this got our editorial staff wondering if Flint Hill might institute a dress down day. The dress-down day would be a day that allows students to wear more comfortable attire that is not necessarily within the dress code. For example, this might include sweatpants, pajama pants, or athletic shorts. Available on the Husky Hub resource board, Flint Hill’s dress code states that business dress days will occur “when the school has solemn ceremonies, guest speakers, or other various events that call for deeper level decorum.” While students will be participating regularly in a business day, having a dress-down day would balance out having to wear business attire. The View wants to know what students think about this idea. Fill out this Google form with your opinion.