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The School Newspaper of Flint Hill School

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Math center now available during ALS blocks


The Math Center recently opened for service, and students can stop by room B216 in the math hallway during any ALS (activity lab studio) block to receive free tutoring. Their faculty sponsor this year is Malia D’Angio, upper school math teacher. Not long ago, she also hosted a factoring lab during ALS block for those having trouble with factoring polynomials. Both the factoring lab and math center were a success, and undoubtedly beneficial to many math students. 

“I feel that all students have great potential in math,” says Mrs. D’Angio. “So I feel that when you link peers up, students helping students, that helps build relationships in the school as well as helps students build confidence in their math skills.” 

Similar to the factoring lab, the Math Center is a place where students help each other with problems of all math levels. It is a positive environment that encourages growth and learning. “I would really say that the peer tutors at the math center are really helpful and patient. For instance, I understood a topic, but wanted more practice. Even though I knew what I was doing, I was still helped even if I needed a quick affirmation. The tutor gave amazing positive feedback that improved my confidence even more about the topic,” said freshman Athena Burns, who recently visited the math center. 

The math center is run by its tutors, who are Flint Hill students. They volunteer to pitch in and help those struggling with math. “I’m super grateful for the opportunity to help people at the math center. I really enjoy math, and I like helping others understand the concepts they may be struggling with. The workshops the math center holds are super helpful for learning and reviewing skills,” says freshman Kostya Orlova, who is a math center tutor and currently taking AP calculus. “Plus, one on one tutoring can be very beneficial, and it’s nice that the math center allows students to apply for one on one tutoring. Overall, I’d say it’s an extremely helpful resource to have in the school.

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