The French Club’s Lower School Mission


By Sabien Reck, Section Editor

As the second quarter begins, clubs start to plan out what the year is going to look like. Events get underway, ideas start to develop, and everything starts to click. One club in particular, The French Club, took things to new heights and incorporated the Flint Hill Lower School as part of their fourth event this year. The French Club is a returning club that was founded last year, and they cannot wait to spread their love of French to the rest of the school. Led by a group of dedicated learners, The French Club is the perfect place to connect with others that share some of their linguistic interests. To spread some fun to students in Junior Kindergarten, Flint Hill’s youngest huskies, The French Club embarked on a mission to the Lower School. There, they taught JK students how to describe the colors, animals, and sounds of the animals in French. 


Caitlin Golden, a sophomore at FHS and The French Club president said of their visit, “We did a slide presentation on the topic and then made paper plate animals.” She was thrilled to tell me about how much the kids learned. Golden also shared, “It was definitely a success! The kids were so excited to learn something new!” 

Along with Golden and the rest of the club, Upper School French Teacher Madame Goldstein, the club sponsor, joined them on their journey. She exclaimed how, “They (JK) loved it. They were taught the colors, animals, and the sounds of the animals. My son is in the class and he wanted to be my assistant. JK is only taught Spanish and we wanted to share some French with them. They were so well-behaved, and they were so excited to learn. The magic that goes on in that classroom is really just amazing. And, the older kids really inspired them.” 


Madame Goldstein is so proud of The French Club and is so pleased that the club is starting up again. Over the past years, The French Club has not been active, so it is refreshing that students now have a way to learn French outside of the classroom. She cannot wait for the upcoming year. Flint Hill is beyond excited for The French Club to keep spreading tons of fun, linguistic diversity, and French culture to the broader Husky community.