Spreading Holiday Cheer During Winter Week


By Caryn Gardner, Editor In Chief

With winter break approaching, the SCA proposed a fun week filled with various holiday related activities for the school to participate in. 

For Monday, students were invited to come dressed in their best ugly sweaters. In the past, students have worn sweaters that commemorated the holidays they celebrated, ranging from Christmas to Kwanza. Tuesday is an entire day dedicated to snowflake making. At a table in front of Ms. Ayers doors, students are able to spend their free time cutting intricate shapes into paper which reveal beautiful snowflakes. To showcase the creations made by the upper school, the SCA will hang the snowflakes on the trees throughout the school. Wednesday’s theme is an upper school slumber party. Mr. Paige granted pajama pants and sweatpants for students to wear on Wednesday. Since pajama pants were removed from the dress code, students are “excited to finally wear pajama pants to school,” as stated by Flint Hill senior and SCA representative, Gideon Bobb-Semple. The amount of participation on this day will be immense and the school spirit will be present and apparent. 

In addition to special clothing, the SCA plans to play a movie in the gym for all students to enjoy in their comfy pajamas. Prior to winter week, candy cane grams were sold for students to purchase. Candy cane grams are a great way to express your gratitude and appreciation for your friends and classmates in addition to a great way to raise funds for the school to utilize. 

Friday, the final day before break, includes a Flint Hill crowd favorite: open mic. Several performers grace the copper stage in the commons and impress the crowd with their tremendous talent. To enjoy this event further, Flint Hill is offering hot chocolate for all students to enjoy. Winter Week has proven to bring students together and bond over the excitement and joy that comes with the holiday season.