The Celebration of Lunar New Year at Flint Hill School

By Arti Marzban, Section Editor

What is the Lunar New Year? Lunar New Year is the beginning of a lunar calendar or lunisolar calendar year, whose months are moon cycles. Numerous cultures, such as Taiwan, China, Vietnam, and South Korea, celebrate this event.


When is Lunar New Year? Lunar New takes place on January 22. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, 2023 is the year of the rabbit. Chinese tradition predicts that this year is a year of longevity, peace, and prosperity. Find your own Chinese Zodiac animal below! 


Because Flint Hill exhibits a diverse student body, many students participated in the celebration of the Lunar New Year. The ASU (Asian Student Union) has put together a video discussing various traditions and celebrations across differing cultures.

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Below is an interview conducted with ASU member Min Kim. 


Arti: What are some events that the ASU has put together this year for the celebration of the lunar new year? 


Min: “We created the video that was shown in advisory but there’s also an event happening for ASU members that is being held at Hot Spot Hot Pot in Chantilly, Friday, January 25th. If you are a non-ASU member you are invited to join just make sure you have a ride there.” 


Arti: What is your favorite part of the lunar new year?


Min: “Every East Asian goes to relatives’ houses and there’s a thing called hong bao and the red envelopes are given out with all the money plus all the food.” 


Arti: Is there anything you want readers to know about the Lunar New Year?


Min: “Some people think we celebrate Lunar New Year on January 1st, but it’s actually January 22nd.”