Honoring all Great Writers at Flint Hill


By Nia Ashenafi, Editor in Chief

On Tuesday, February 28th, Flint Hill came together in celebration of Writers Day, an insightful event where we honor the excellent writers we have in our community. At the end of January, all students had the opportunity to submit pieces of writings for different awards. The winners were officially announced in front of the upper school.

 The Freshman and Sophomore Prize for Fiction and Poetry went to sophomore Alexandra Blake for her story “Delta” and her poem “How I Tire of Things.” Senior Sara Sirhandi received the Junior/Senior Prize for Fiction for her story “Even the Iron Still Fears the Rot.” The Junior/Senior Prize for Poetry was awarded to senior Ida Guerami for her poem “You Only Hear Me Because the Rest Are Silent.” Lastly, senior Amelia Vineyard received the Richard Rouse Expository Essay Prize for her essay “The Societal Role of Women Examined in Notable Literary Works.”

Our incredible English teachers gave out these awards while noting these pieces’ intricate craftsmanship and word choice. Additionally, this assembly was a time to reflect on other school members who have devoted themselves to literature. Members of the Literary Magazine were recognized for their contributions to exhibiting Flint Hill students’ work every year. We should all look forward to relishing some of these award-winning pieces once this year’s Literary Magazine is completed.