Teachers Recognized with Driving Spirit Award at Flint Hill Day

Teachers Recognized with Driving Spirit Award at Flint Hill Day


On February 8th, Flint Hill celebrated Flint Hill Day with a ceremony acknowledging the school’s many achievements, faculty, and staff. As part of the ceremony, various awards are given in appreciation of Flint Hill’s faculty and staff, one of which is the Driving Spirit Award. This annual recognition is an integral part of celebrating faculty that have gone above and beyond as a member of the Flint Hill community.  

This 2022-2023 school year, four amazing nominated faculty members were recognized by being awarded the Driving Spirit Award. In an interview with upper school science teacher, Zita Gray, she said she was surprised but honored when awarded the Driving Spirit Award. After being a part of the Flint Hill community for seven years, the school has become a very special place to her. When asked what makes Flint Hill’s community so special she said, “Flint Hill is a very caring and inclusive community for all huskies.” She loves the idea of “pulling the sled” together, and the overall sense of community within the school, especially since she comes from a culture that is very community oriented. 

Similarly, kindergarten teacher, Jessica Craig, said she was “truly surprised- it was completely unexpected,” when awarded the Driving Spirit Award. Ms. Craig has been a part of the school community for 16 years, and was so honored to be chosen, she said, “it was truly a humbling experience.” When asked, “what is your favorite part of the Flint Hill community that made working here so special?” she said “there are so many things I love about the Flint Hill community. I love spending each day with my students and getting to learn alongside them as they share their thinking with me. I am grateful for a collaborative team of colleagues who consistently push me to be my best.”  

Band teacher Dereck Scott and Upper School English teacher Valerie Morehouse also were recipients of the Driving Spirit Award this 2022-2023 school year. It is a tradition for the Flint Hill community to recognize all of the hard work and dedication of every staff member, and the many ways they positively impact the school’s daily life. It is clear that community is an essential aspect of the Flint Hill community, and is appreciated every year by both students and faculty members during the Flint Hill Day ceremony. 


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