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Flint Hill Students Embrace Exciting Opportunities at the Club Fair

Photo Credit: Paulina Dackiw
Students explore the Club Fair.

Clubs are an integral part of the Flint Hill community. Each year, countless new student-led clubs as well as veteran returning clubs open up for the community to join and participate in. With three main club categories (affiliation, interest and service) and numerous clubs within each category, there is always a club for everyone! Some clubs are able to organize community service hour opportunities for students looking to fulfill their yearly service requirements. Meanwhile, other clubs actively work to raise donations for outside of school causes such as breast cancer, homeless shelters, and more. There are even clubs that give participants school activity credits, for example, the Yearbook Club. Participating in different clubs has various benefits. However, the most important aspect of clubs is always to have fun.

The greatly anticipated Club Fair for this school year recently took place on Thursday, September 21st for sophomores and seniors (grades 10 and 12), and Tuesday, September 26th for freshmen and juniors (grades 9 and 11) in the Learning Commons. Each grade level spent half an hour touring the fair, looking at booths and display items, talking to individual club leaders, and signing up for the clubs that interested them. In total, the Club Fair lasted for two hours over the course of two days.

The Club Fair is an amazing opportunity for students to not only advertise their club to Flint Hill’s student body, but to also meet new people along the way. Sophomore Anika Shanbhag, current President of the Investment club, said, “It was really fun talking to all the people interested in learning to invest and joining our club. We were able to get over 100 new members during the fair and I met many new people. I’m going to be bringing snacks like chips, oreos, and sour patch kids to every Investment club meeting, and we’re going to be competing in the Wharton Global High School Investment Competition together. It’ll be fun.” During the time that the Club Fair was open, many clubs just like the Investment Club were able to attract new members from every grade level. It was an exciting experience for everyone. “All the work and organizational efforts that go into running a club are really worth it, in my opinion,” Shanbhag said. 

The Club Fair gives students the unique opportunity to pursue their personal interests within the school’s community. “I love how the people at the club were all so nice and inviting. People also gave out candy to everyone,” says sophomore Riya Goel. “Overall the club fair was a really fun experience, and I got to hang out with a lot of people plus meet new people and join a bunch of clubs. My favorite club was probably the Vet Med club – the Veterinary Medical Club. I thought it was a really great idea and cause to support.” Altogether, the Club Fair is an essential event in every Flint Hill school year.

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