Mental Health for Huskies during COVID-19

By Swetha Madiraju, Deputy Editor

During the COVID-19 pandemic, students around the country have noticed that their mental health has worsened drastically. Because of current safety regulations, including social distancing and quarantining at home, students have been taken away from their peers, causing them to feel isolated. This has been especially detrimental for students with pre-existing mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety, because they are forced to face their own thoughts and be further isolated from others. 

However, there are many ways to improve our mental health during this time. For some, that might mean taking time out of their day to take care of themselves; in other words, self-care. This can include things such as meditating, journaling, having a spa day, or just taking the time to think quietly to yourself. For others, it can be physical activities, such as biking, hiking, taking a walk, getting outdoors, or maybe just doing a couple of push-ups in between classes. Moving around is scientifically proven to help stimulate your brain and release endorphins, which are chemicals that make you happier and improve your mood. To improve student mental health, we do not need to do anything drastic. Rather, students must take some time aside for themselves and decide what they need to do in order to bring about some positive change in their lives and keep them sane.

Students, as well as teachers, should take the extra time at home to take care of themselves. As a Flint Hill community, we must come together in times like these to help each other. It is hard enough to go through a global pandemic, but to go through it alone is much worse. If you notice someone in the community who you may think needs some social interaction, strike up a conversation with them, either online or in-person. A little bit of care can go a long way towards making someone’s day. 

Most importantly, take care of yourself. If you ever need any guidance, there are many resources available to help you at school itself, such as through the Flint Hill counselors ([email protected], [email protected]). Take advantage of the resources given to you and do not be afraid to ask for help. We are all going through this experience together, and to come out of it stronger, we each must individually take care of ourselves and our community.