How Students Have Expressed Themselves Through Mask Fashion.

By Brennan Kraus

The very essence of our livelihood as individuals has altered drastically due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the quarantine, we were isolated for months, giving each of us the opportunity to discover more about ourselves and help us to uncover what makes us unique. I know for myself and many around me, one of the main ways I express myself is through fashion. Solely looking at how one dresses, you can begin to understand what colors one might like, what one feels confident in, what kind of things a person likes, and so much more. Being isolated for so long definitely allowed me to delve deeper into my fashion sense, and has let me find what style allows me to express myself in a manner that emits confidence.


Despite how I might like to dress, one interesting aspect of fashion to look into is dressing for going out, whether that be to in-person school days, lunch, or simply to the grocery store, versus how we dress during virtual learning. While I can’t speak for all students, for me and a lot of my friends, I’ve noticed that virtual learning attire consists of pajamas, messy hair, sweatpants, and oversized t-shirts. I’ve come to realize that the majority of virtual learning clothing comes in the form of comfort over fashion. However, the shift to in-person learning seems to mean attire that gives a more “put-together” impression. What I’ve found to be true for the most part is that when I “dress-up” for school, simply meaning not wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt, I feel a lot more productive and ready to learn. While being in pajamas is definitely more comfortable, being dressed more professionally makes me feel motivated to get things accomplished. 


One aspect of fashion that has recently arisen due to the pandemic is mask wear. As you know by now, masks are required at just about any and every place you can think of. Masks have become essential now, meaning it has become a fashion staple as well. The basis for a solid outfit is matching. You want the colors of your outfit and the vibe of your complete outfit to work together nicely. Therefore, considering masks are now an aspect of our everyday apparel, finding cute, colorful masks that one can use to match with their outfit has become a newfound aspect of modern fashion. 


As quarantine has allowed us more time to really get to know ourselves, including what we like to wear and what we feel both comfortable and confident in, I see that fashion has become an increasingly popular way to express ourselves from a distance. Therefore, I encourage you to keep looking for your unique style and what makes you feel happy with yourself! These are difficult times, and one way to keep ourselves engaged and motivated is to find ways to be happy and confident in ourselves by utilizing individual expression through fashion.