New Year’s Preparations

By Joy Alemu

With the new year, comes a time of reflecting on the past year and figuring out plans for the next. Though there are many things that have impacted the mental health of Flint Hill students this year and the lives of so many, the world is finally turning a new chapter into 2021 at the end of the month. 

Things to reflect on

  1. How you spent quarantine, possibly new interests and activities.
  2. Your hopes for 2020 that couldn’t come true and how you can make the best of it next year.
  3. How school went this year with the hybrid and virtual system and how you can better adjust to it.

Consider all of your short and long term goals, and create adjustments and new goals. These little positives will make days seem brighter. Short term goals are things that keep you invested in the moment, while long term keep you invested in the future.

“Hopefully to live normally again,” says a ninth grader, who wished to remain anonymous.

Sophomore Omer Aziz Quintana says, “I am looking forward to the weather getting warm again, but I’m not looking forward to junior year.”

“I am looking forward to enjoying the last few months before graduating because time has flown by so fast. I need to appreciate it before everyone leaves for college,” says senior Tran Vo.

This is a time to think about all the good, even if little, that happened this year, and though there may be additional complications next year, something you’re looking forward to. From the kept promises of new year’s resolutions to the broken ones, think about what can be a positive for this new year.

Below are some questions to get one started on thinking about the old and new year.

  1. How was your last year successful?
  2. How will you celebrate the New Year?
  3. What will this new year symbolize for you?
  4. What positives can you make about the past year?
  5. What things from 2020 are you going to bring into 2021?(goals, memories, important issues, etc.)

If you are still having a difficult time coming up with resolutions, click here to see seven steps that Harvard Medical School thinks is important in order to make one. Making new steps and new habits takes time and effort. Though it will not happen overnight, constant effort towards a goal will help you accomplish your hopes and dreams.