Flint Hill Upper School’s New Dress Guidelines: How Students Feel


By Divya Bhungalia, Section Editor

As we start the new year, new changes come with it. Flint Hill has gone through many different types of dress guidelines. Only a few years ago, there was plaid all around. Now, we wear jeans, leggings, and khaki shorts. In comparison to the 2021-2022 school year’s dress guidelines, there are some changes that students and faculty have something to say about. 


Many students from all grades addressed the fact that sweatpants and pajama pants are out of the question. “I just wish we could wear athletic shorts, sweatpants, and pajama pants,” Said sophomore Gabby Cañas. “It’s fine, I wish we could wear sweatpants and athletic shorts,” Says one junior, Colin Bean. Finally, “I just wish I could wear sweatpants,” said another sophomore, Cooper Wesley. These three individuals represent a fraction of the student body that is frustrated with the restriction regarding our loss for sweatpants. 


Contrary to the above, there are a multitude of people who have said they are perfectly okay with our guidelines. “I really couldn’t care less,” Says sophomore Kevin Harvey. “It’s pretty fair, it’s actually pretty good to be honest,” sophomore Elan Jones. “I think our dress code is fine, there are a couple of things I would change, but I am fine with and comfortable with our current dress code,” said sophomore Jasmine Coates. This is a perfect example of those minorly annoyed about the new guidelines, but don’t really care. 


There is a middle ground between wanting to wear sweatpants and being indifferent. “It’s fine, I want to wear sweatpants though, not going to lie, but it’s fine. I don’t really care,” says junior Sarah Manson. “I actually think they’re fine. I kinda wish we can wear sweatpants, that’s the one thing,” said junior Cole Wise. These two are a perfect example of what most of the students are feeling.


Emmet Lee, a junior, had something to add: “I feel like it’s a little biased to be honest. I think it’s unfair how girls can wear leggings, but guys have to stick to jeans, cargos, and khakis.” He and Kenny Pozo, a sophomore, share similar opinions. Pozo said, “I just don’t think that girls can wear leggings and guys can’t wear sweatpants.”  They feel as though if girls could wear leggings, guys should be able to wear sweatpants. However, that would be straying away from the reason administrators lessened our dress code, to lessen the divide between those who don’t identify as girls or guys. Additionally, there have been more detentions handed out to students who identify as girls, “I feel like when they hand out detentions, it should be spread out amongst all genders, and not just girls,” says one junior, who wished to remain anonymous.


In consensus, students wished they could wear sweatpants, but don’t necessarily mind that it is a restriction. Many don’t want the guidelines to become stricter, “If I couldn’t wear leggings, I would cry,” Manson adds. The instruction we have right now, is “at a very good normal point. For those who want to dress more formally, it’s not that weird to. For those who want to dress less formally, it’s not that weird to,” said junior Trent Knapp.