The New Phone Policy and Who it Affects


By Nia Ashenafi, Editor In Chief

The new school year has begun and with it came several new policies that affect everyday life on the hill. The most prevalent one is the latest phone policy, where upon entering a classroom, students are required to put their phones in a phone pouch for the entire class. Initially, this new policy may have seemed shocking, but as things revert to “normal,” we face stricter rules that impact our classrooms. 


When introduced to this new rule at the first town meeting, you could audibly hear the groan of frustration from the student body. But the Head of the Upper School, Donald Paige, reminded us that this may be necessary and that we would understand more if we reflected on it. After asking why this new policy was added, Mr. Paige responded, “coming out of covid, there was a deeper attachment to our devices because we have lived in them for a couple of years.” Last year was the first full year of in-school classes. In 2021, there was a hybrid schedule, and many students didn’t come to school until finals at the end of the year. With hybrid and online education, constant electronic use has become a norm that once was not prevalent in Flint Hill.


Some students disagree with the new policy, but some, like junior Emma Quach, added, “I do not like it [the new phone policy], but it is probably necessary.” Many of us understand what school was like the year before and how electronic usage may have negatively impacted our studies.


Although this affects students, some fail to consider the policy’s positive impact on teachers and faculty members. The new phone policy was created not only for students’ benefit but also for the teachers to help support them through these transitional years after Covid-19. Science Teacher Andrew Tran said, “not having phones makes it much easier to focus on what I’m doing in class. It makes a big difference in my students this year so that they are more attentive, and it is one less thing that I have to be the bad guy on because it is a set expectation.”


Behind the feelings of annoyance surrounding this new policy, hopefully, we can understand the reasonings and intentions behind this recent decision!