Food at Homecoming

Food at Homecoming

Homecoming at Flint Hill is a fun experience for Huskies from grades 9-12. It allows the community to get together while inviting non-Flint Hill students to bring their friends from outside of school to attend and delve into the Husky experience. 


Part of this high school experience includes off-campus activities that can sometimes be a hassle and stressful for bigger groups of students to plan. For example, for Homecoming this year, I went in a group of twenty-five people, and somehow, my friend Ella Leggett, a junior, managed to find a spot for us to get dinner. I talked to Leggett throughout the night,  and we were all extremely grateful for her ability to do this because we all knew it was a very stressful process, especially for such a large group.


 An idea that has been brought up amongst students before was having food at Homecoming. At first, I thought there was no reason to have food at homecoming, but I have started to realize that having food at Homecoming would be beneficial for multiple reasons. For instance, it may take the stress off of bigger Homecoming groups by creating an option for them to eat at the dance. Another benefit is that it may increase Homecoming attendance. After a short discussion with a few peers, I concluded that although a large portion of my Homecoming group did not attend the dance, they said they would if free food was provided. This is a benefit because it allows for all the effort that the SCA has put into planning the dance to be showcased to a greater number of people. I believe that allowing students to eat at Homecoming would ease the stress surrounding the event, increase school spirit, and increase attendance at the dance. The SCA puts in hours of effort the morning of the dance, decorating the commons for students to enjoy. 

I was not entirely convinced that food at Homecoming would be a good idea, but now I am all for it, because I feel that it would benefit a variety of students in Flint Hill Society.

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