The Importance Behind Starting Athletics

By Abi Baker

As the Coronavirus continues to impact our community, Flint Hill’s coaches are trying to maintain a sense of normalcy, safely through the implementation of outdoor strength and conditioning classes. 


Diana Parente, Director of Athletics, decided to “slowly bring athletics back to campus” in November. 


Currently, this goal is being met through strength and conditioning workouts. Students were given the opportunity to participate in these activities after school on the different fields throughout the upper school to maintain physical distancing. The school has also created a virtual strength and conditioning program for students to earn activity credit online. 


Parente also notes, “over 200 students have participated in this program from March until Thanksgiving and it has been a great success!” 


This action was an important choice as it gives students the chance to make connections, remain active, and create bonds with coaches and teammates. Even though teams cannot practice, coaches have set up virtual Google Meet opportunities to strategize for their future season. Additionally, the winter teams are currently participating in on-campus strength and conditioning workouts to prepare for their season. 


Unfortunately, the chances of having an actual winter sports season are slim; the ISL and MAC have both made statements saying they will not be sponsoring league competitions. Knowing that makes the chance to partake in strength and conditioning even more valuable to student-athletes. 


Parente emphasizes that “athletics have always provided valuable lessons in resilience, and now more than ever, we need to tap into that resiliency.” And that in the future, “we hope to connect with each of our teams to answer questions, hear their hopes and concerns, and support them during this trying time.” 


Junior Patrick Fletcher participated in Track and Field last year and is grateful for this opportunity. He states, “the implementation of the program has provided us with a solid platform to stay active and conditioned for, hopefully, our upcoming seasons.”


As a promising vaccine rolls out, there is a bright and prosperous future for the athletic department.