The Volleyball Invitational

By Gideon Bobb-Semple, Section Editor

This year is opening up to a great start with both JV and Varsity volleyball destroying the competition! The whole school has been able to exercise its school spirit countless times with all of the amazing victories we have under our belt thanks to the volleyball team! It is no surprise that the team won their invitational tournament, our volleyball team has been blowing all the competition away. In addition to the big victory, there were a few homecoming proposals as well. Our huskies get stronger each and every day! The 2019-2020 year was great for volleyball, and just like always this year will be terrific for them as well. They continue to win and get further in the competition. I believe that we will win the championship once again. There were some people who were nervous as to how this volleyball season would go, as a result of some seniors not being here this year and many people being at home for so long during quarantine. However, our volleyball team is not to be underestimated, and all of our opponents should know that after being demolished multiple times every year. If we continue the season like this, we will finish just like we did two years ago… on top and with a trophy in our hands. We have some new players on the team that are perfect additions. The whole team is fully in sync on the court and able to use their strong relationships and teamwork to take their team to victory. During their victorious match with Bowie High School, the team blew them out with a score of 25-4. With the copious amount of glorious and superhuman qualities our volleyball team has, it is obvious that they can win anything. For now, keep going to the volleyball games to support our team and watch them play their way to the championship. Blaze the trail, huskies!