Boys’ Basketball Takes Second Place in Tip-Off Tournament

By Amelia Vineyard, Deputy Editor

The Boys’ Tip-Off Tournament was an amazing night for all of the Huskies, not just the basketball team. Starting with a pep rally the day earlier, school spirit was celebrated and promoted by multiple fun traditions, including a game of knockout where both students and faculty members participated. Students wore white on Friday, both in solidarity with basketball team members and to encourage school spirit for the games later. 

Of course, all of these fun events culminated in the Tip-Off, where a packed student section cheered on the team straight to victory. The boys’ basketball team won their first game of the tournament against Glenelg County Day School, 86-75, in an exciting match-up. In true Husky-fashion, the first point scored by the team was celebrated by the student section throwing toilet paper onto the court, a much-loved tradition by fans and the players alike. The student section was packed to the brim with students of all ages, who waved around foam-pointed fingers and cheered exuberantly. There was plenty of food and water for all of the fans, and even the school store was open for business. Not only was the student section packed, but plenty of parents, middle school students, and opposing team fans were in the gym as well. It was a rowdy, lively environment that created a night to remember. 

The boys’ basketball team made it to the championship game against Georgetown Prep, where they suffered a disappointing loss by a score of 54-57. Despite the game being on a Saturday, plenty of supporting fans came to watch and cheer on the basketball team. Fans dressed in a holiday theme, creating a festive atmosphere. While the team didn’t win the tournament, it offered a chance for fans to come together, players to practice, and overall created a weekend to remember.