Flint Hill Volleyball Teams Earn Success


By Caroline Lloyd, section editor

         Our Flint Hill varsity Volleyball Team has achieved great success because of their constant hard work on the court and mental tenacity. The dynamic training strategy of Flint Hill has given the girls unsurpassed skills, which has been shown in their games. 

          The team traveled to Tampa, Fla., this past week to compete in the premier volleyball tournament championships, where our Huskies represented us well by bringing home a National 1st place. As of September 25th, they are ranked number one in the region with a record of 9-0. Even after losing three of our starters from last year, Flint Hill’s Volleyball Team has not slowed down at all.  Flint Hill junior Emily Kearney explained, “Our practice environment is so positive, we all push each other to do the best we can, and my teammates give me motivation.” She also shared how the team spends time each week not only on the court working on their volleyball skills, but in the weight room conditioning to increase their strength and improve their agility. 

    Not only does the Volleyball Team work hard physically, but they also prepare mentally.  For example, the manager of the varsity team, sophomore Hayley Clemente, mentioned that the girls watched inspirational films before they played in the tournament in order to get into the right headspace.

   Through working hard in every aspect of volleyball and finding new and creative ways to improve, these girls have become one of the best teams in the country! Congratulations on your big win, Huskies; we can’t wait to root for you for the rest of the season.