Flint Hill Homecoming Traditions: Junior-Senior Volleyball Game

By Caryn Gardner, Editor In Chief

An integral aspect of Flint Hill School is the several traditions that make the community an inviting and inclusive environment. During the homecoming season, a vast majority of Flint Hill’s favorite traditions occur. Students, parents, and alumni can enjoy the annual bonfire and fall season sports. For students specifically, they can look forward to the all-school pep rally, but especially the junior-senior volleyball game. Annually, juniors and seniors who aren’t on the volleyball team sign up to face off in a game of volleyball. This event is filled with school spirit and pride and is the best way to spark excitement for the future homecoming event the following weekend. Traditionally, only men play in the game, but after protests, walkouts, and climate surveys from previous years, the game has become more gender-inclusive. This past Friday, only two female-identifying students played in the game, but it acknowledged the choice women have in the Flint Hill community.

With Flint Hill senior Hailey Simpson refereeing, the games began! There were several impressive plays by students of the senior class, but ultimately the junior class pulled off a strong win in the end. Several students expressed their disappointment regarding the outcome of the game, but they also emphasized the bonding of their class and the community strengthened between all upperclassmen. Flint Hill senior Lena Bruck stated, “The seniors have to get better at volleyball. They must! But I had a really great time. It was a lot of fun!” An additional Flint Hill senior, Ethan Grossman, expressed his disappointment in the outcome in the game, but also his ultimate enjoyment of the event in general. In a brief interview with Grossman, he mentioned how he was “disappointed in the way the seniors played” and how “the teamwork was very poor and [the seniors] shouldn’t have lost to a supposed younger generation”. Later on in the interview, Grossman mentioned despite the upset loss, “[he] had a great time!”

Overall, the general consensus of the junior and senior class was that they enjoyed the event and are looking forward to it in the years to follow. Although the outcome was upsetting for some, this Flint Hill tradition truly brought the student body together and celebrated the students in the best way possible.