A ~happihealthy~ Future!


By Isobel Matsukas, Editor-in-Chief

Hi everyone, welcome to my last happihealthy article for The View! It’s been difficult to think about what kind of an article I want to leave Flint Hill with. I’ve written a lot about happiness during the pandemic as well as in music, in different seasons, and the neuroscience behind the feeling we all cherish so much. However, for some over the past year, happiness was felt far and few between some other emotions, but the sun is definitely starting to peek out behind the pandemic storm clouds these days. For my fellow seniors, some are very ready and excited to leave this home and find their new one on a college campus, others are feeling nervous about creating a whole new routine, and, I’d say, most are feeling some sort of in between. 


A lot of the nervousness surrounding college for seniors last year was due to the pandemic but things are looking a lot better, on college campuses, and in our community. Although we aren’t able to be on campus for orientations and summer sessions, it looks like we will be starting fully in person this fall! Before the pandemic, seniors were still nervous about going to college, there are new people, new routines, new buildings, new everything. Humans tend to be creatures of habit in terms of creating routines and going to college uproots everything we’ve ever known. However, some aspects of routine can be kept, and to create a happihealthy transition, keeping what we can is suggested. For example, if you tend to be an early bird, put that preference on housing applications to be paired with a roommate who is also an early bird so you can keep that sense of your day. However, part of going to college is learning a new routine and new habits. Sometimes we have to let go of certain things in order to make room for better, happier, options. 


Now, would it really be a happihealthy article if I didn’t mention sunshine and warmer weather coming with summer? I want to encourage everyone to get outside, wear sunscreen, and feel the benefits of Vitamin D! Make sure to have some fun this summer to recharge and be ready for a, hopefully, more normal year next year. Maybe even read a few books this summer, I’m going to try and read some classics!


My English teacher freshman year, Ms. Lee, suggested I join The View to continue strengthening my writing skills. I never imagined I’d be sitting at my dining room table four years later writing an article for my own column as Editor-in-Chief. The View has become a home for me over the last four years where I’ve been able to grow, create, and be something I never thought I would be. I would like to thank Mr. Shedd for everything he’s contributed to The View before my time at Flint Hill, and for encouraging me to start the Summer View and everything else we’ve done together. Mr. Abdul-Malik, The View is lucky to have you as our additional sponsor, I know you will continue to improve our school newspaper! It is my hope that when I come back and visit Flint Hill, The View will have continued to grow and maybe even have printed editions! Anyways, cheers to an incredible school newspaper staff and to Flint Hill for giving us things to write about, and so much more. I highly recommend joining The View, just try it out!! As for my very last send off, I hope you all have the happiest of days and a very happi week! 🙂