Senior Projects During COVID-19

By Brennan Kraus, Section Editor

In tune with the entirety of this unique year of adjusting to and overcoming the vast differences from life before COVID-19, senior projects have been no exception to the ever changing nature of what was known as a “normal” senior year pre-pandemic. In a regular year, seniors would venture outside the classroom for the month of May, challenging themselves by working in a real world environment by participating in an internship of their choosing. However, as this norm was quite impossible with the condition of the world today, seniors this year had more room to find something that worked perfectly for them. 


The options for the class of 2021 were to:

  1. Explore a career field of interest
  2. Teach themself a new skill
  3. Engage in service-learning or volunteer at a non-profit organization
  4. Project of choice


Therefore, students were allowed flexibility and creativity in finding a project that they were passionate about and permitted growth in some form. This year has brought an abundance of challenges on a multitude of levels and for seniors who were not given the opportunity to have the senior year they had hoped for, these projects provided an important opportunity to find something they are excited about and learn and grow from the experience. 


For example, I have always loved wearing unique clothing as a means of expression and as a reflection of my personality and thoughts. Furthermore, I am motivated by doing my part in helping the environment and am conscious of the fact that the clothing industry greatly contributes to climate change. With loose guidelines for my senior project, I was able to combine two important pieces of my life to create a project that reflects my interests. My project is learning to sew my own clothes which is a great means of creativity as it is. However, I’ve added another level of challenge to my project, only using fabrics and materials from thrift or second-hand stores, creating sustainable, reworked clothing that is unique and special. From this experience, I have learned that with imagination, creativity, and goal setting, creating something that is unique to my own values and personality has been nothing short of an amazing learning experience and a lot of fun! I really appreciate the fact that I can be free to express myself through this project while combining aspects of my life that I am deeply passionate about.


Bryce Crandall has also taught himself a new skill. Quarantine for him has brought about a profound love for music, a love that has transitioned into learning how to song write, play the guitar, and now, play the piano. He finds happiness and a creative outlet in making music, something that he has applied to other aspects of his life. Music provides a means of connecting all different types of people over the raw emotions that come from listening to music. Bryce has learned how to capture his own feelings and transform them into works of art, constantly building upon his musical skills in order to learn new lessons and techniques in being a musician. Therefore, his senior project has provided him a fantastic opportunity to learn a new instrument, the keyboard, which will enable him to add a new level of musical skill and expertise into his song creation process. When asked about his thoughts on his senior project he stated, “I enjoyed being able to explore something I am passionate about. Music has become an integral part of my life and being able to build on such an important piece of my personality through this project has been really special.” Bryce’s goal at the end of his project is to create an original piece of music from the piano, a challenge yet also an opportunity to use the lessons he has already learned throughout his musical journey to grow as an artist, and as a person.


Jessica Jarratt also used this project as a chance to develop a passion in her life, one which she uses as a means to destress and connect to her greater life. Jessica has always loved poetry as it allows a reflection of feelings and experiences through a lens that enables others to connect and find meaning in what others have experienced. Therefore, Jessica wished to build upon this piece of her life by taking a poetry class and learning more about the nature and foundation of poetry in a way that creates a different appreciation for the art. Furthermore, she has compiled a book of all the poems which speak to her in unique ways, providing an outlet for different emotions and creating a collection of works that relate to her own life in different ways. From this experience, Jessica stated, “I learned how to write about my surroundings and passions in hopes of inspiring others and learning more about myself.” Jessica appreciates poetry for its ability to connect people over a common belief or shared feeling, something she wishes to instill in others through her own collection of works.


While different from what they expected, the senior project has been an amazing opportunity for these students to build upon something important or special in their lives. Whether it’s sewing, playing the keyboard, or collecting poetry, Flint Hill’s class of 2021 is challenging themselves to be creative and step out of their comfort zones as a means of personal growth and learning about themselves in a way that translates into their greater lives.