The Igloo Making its Return and the Den’s Growing Popularity

By Gideon Bobb-Semple, Section Editor

Finally, after 2 months of the school year has passed, The Igloo has reopened on the Flint Hill Upper School campus, and the FHS students could not be happier. For many students, the Igloo has been one of the most amazing parts of their FHS experience. Frequently students don’t like school lunch, so it is always helpful to be able to get a snack you can enjoy from The Igloo! It has been a highlight of many young Huskies’ high school experience, and one of the most compelling things during campus visits to prospective students. 


The Igloo offers a copious amount of snacks, treats, and beverages to choose from. On some days The Igloo even includes Chick-Fil-A items and pizza on the menu. Another great benefit of The Igloo is teachers get one free snack every Friday. In addition to The Igloo providing snacks for the students and teachers, all of the funds go to financial aid. Financial aid is very important and helpful to many Flint Hill students. Without it, some students may not be able to afford to attend our school. 


In addition to The Igloo, we also have the new snack bar, The Den. It is only open during outdoor sports games. Just like The Igloo, it sells a variety of snacks and drinks. There are also Chick-Fil-A sandwiches sold at The Den. Unfortunately, it is only open during major outdoor games. All of the proceeds from The Den go to college funds, scholarships, and more. So not only do you get to enjoy good food and treats, but you also get to help students, their families, and the community. In conclusion, The Igloo and The Den are perfect ways to raise money for financial aid and college funds. 


Where there is food, people will go. This is especially true when the food is good. Thank God for The Igloo!