Major Minors Tour


By Sabien Reck, Section Editor

As clubs and associations started getting to know each other, our very own acapella group, Major Minors, has taken music to new heights on the ‘22-23 FHS Tour. Our award-winning acapella group embarked on a journey across state lines in early October. The tightly knit group both expanded their musical skills through college-acapella workshops and got to connect over a nice meal of pizza or Mexican cuisine. They sang with renowned acapella groups both at North Carolina State and at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and by watching and learning from these more advanced musical groups, they were able to hone in their abilities to create a truly remarkable outcome. Jasmine Coates, the group’s “Pitch Girl,”said this about her experience: “That is one thing I love most about the Major Minors Tour; we go in as friends and out as family. Besides getting to know the new members better, I learned so much from each individual group.” Through these great opportunities, Major Minors came out with new musical insight, and strong connections with each other. We can’t wait to see them perform this Friday at Open Mic!