Flint Hill Spreads Love: Valentines Day Singing Grams 

Flint Hill Spreads Love: Valentine’s Day Singing Grams 

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Flint Hill has carried a long-time beloved tradition of providing students with the opportunity to purchase singing grams. For those who do not know, a singing gram is defined as a greeting service in which a person is employed to present a song as a gift to someone. Students are enabled to celebrate love and friendship in a unique and heartwarming way by sending singing grams throughout the school on February 14th. 

Singing grams cost only five dollars as they are aimed to foster a sense of community and inclusivity among students while embracing the theme of love and friendship that Valentine’s Day embodies. Students and teachers alike prepare special performances ranging from classical love ballads to cheerful tunes. Singing grams can be purchased anonymously or come signed with the sender’s name. This initiative has consistently received overwhelming support from students and faculty members, enabling the Flint Hill community to celebrate a cheerful holiday in a silly way. Teachers welcome the musical interludes into their classrooms, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and playfulness. Students enjoy seeing their teachers in a less serious light during their performances, whether that means seeing their favorite history teacher in an all-white fur outfit with colorful lighting installed throughout the costume or watching their guidance counselor bust a move in the middle of English class. For many students, these singing grams allow them to express their appreciation and affection for their friends and classmates lovingly and memorably.

“I received a singing gram from my best friend, and it truly made my day,” shared junior Ella Leggett. “It is a beautiful reminder that Valentine’s Day is not just about romance, but also about celebrating love and friendships we have in our lives.”   

With another year of singing gram success, Flint Hill hopes to continue spreading joy and positivity through similar student-created events. 

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