Introducing Galaxy Gala: The 2024 Prom Theme

As spring slowly reveals itself, high school students nationwide prepare themselves for Prom season. This phenomenon does not exclude Flint Hill as students and faculty finalize the plans for Prom, and few surprises and changes are proposed. Although only juniors and seniors are allowed to attend Prom at Flint Hill, throughout high school, students are aware of the signature high school event and its lasting memories after graduation. For seniors, Prom is one of the last times before graduation that the whole class is together to celebrate. 

Students and faculty started early in the year to prepare for the notorious event by choosing the venue. Ban Hammeed, the faculty leader of the Prom Committee, noted that “she chose the location in Manassas in the early fall.” This year, Prom will be held in a similar area to last year’s, but the barn “is more modern,” as Hammeed says. Students of the Prom Committee have the important decision of deciding on the Prom theme, which creates the essence of the entire event. They revealed the “Galaxy Gala” theme to the school during the last town meeting, and there were many reactions to the new theme. Senior Anna Giulliana comments how “she doesn’t love it [the theme] but isn’t opposed to it.” Senior Shanyar Giudari held similar opinions about the theme, saying she “has not thought about the theme much” after it was revealed.

The Prom Committee considered other themes like Mascarade and Under the Sea but ultimately decided that Galaxy Gala would be the best individual theme compared to the previous themes of Red Carpet and Starry Night. Senior Zumyna Kabir says, “The Prom Committee decided the theme on a vote within the Committee.” They decided that having complex decorations at the venue was demanding and wanted to focus on lighting for the theme. Kabir mentioned how “Under the Sea would involve complicated decorations” and how a Mascarade theme would be fun, “but we doubted if anyone would wear the masks.” Other than the theme, the committee also wants to add a few new highlights this year, including a 360 video camera, an ice cream station, and mocktails, which should be a fun addition to last year’s small desserts that will likely have an appearance this year.

Last year, the Class of 2023 reintroduced the classic high school experience Prom Court. The Prom Committee will continue the previous year’s success by sending out a form where the senior class will vote for two seniors. There was excitement in the air when Prom Court was announced last year, and Hammeed wanted to “continue the spirit” into this year. 

Ultimately, Prom is a time to celebrate the end of the school year and, for some, the end of high school. The school tries to create special moments within Prom so the students can reflect on the memorable experience!


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