Flint Hill’s Grammy Reactions
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Flint Hill’s Grammy Reactions

Since their establishment in 1959, the Grammys have been the most talked about, popular, and widely viewed music awarding event of each year. Artists go all out on red carpet outfits and performances while millions of fans watch with anticipation to see if their favorites will go home with a coveted golden gramophone. For newer or indie artists, winning Best New Artist or a genre category can be a symbol that they’ve made it in the industry, and for music scene mainstays, a major category win like Album or Song of the Year can cement their legacy forever. This year’s awards were no different from past years in scale, with artists like Taylor Swift, Victoria Monet, and Miley Cyrus sweeping many major categories. But do these awards and accolades really matter to the music fans of the Flint Hill community?

Some Flint Hill students and faculty members did express their continuous interest in the famous award show, but most had mixed opinions on the results of the broadcast. On the performance side of the event, students liked the hosting jokes and comportment of host Trevor Noah, saying he was both funny and respectful to all in attendance. One student noted the contrast between him and the previous Golden Globes host Jo Koy. The reactions to the winners of various awards were mixed. A student noted their happiness at how many women had been nominated. Some were delighted at Taylor Swift sweeping most of the major categories. Others, however, believed that she did not deserve some of her wins, especially Midnights as Album of the Year over albums such as SZA’s SOS or Lana Del Rey’s Did You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd. Despite some differences of opinion, the general consensus was that the 2024 Grammys were decent, with a vast majority of the wins being completely deserved. 

Though many of the student and faculty body of Flint Hill seemed very invested in the Grammys, many others did not care for the show at all, saying they did not even know it had happened. For some, this lack of interest was due to a disillusionment with the show, with sophomore William Townsend stating, “The Grammys have lost their way.” For others, the event had never been significant enough to pull their attention. Many said they did not pay attention to the Grammys and preferred to simply listen to the songs they loved, not paying attention to what critics were rating them. For them, their own appreciation of music was enough, and award shows only served as unrelated metrics of other people’s opinions and industry politics. 

While many members of the Flint Hill community are deeply invested in the Grammys, many others do not pay them any mind. Though opinions on the near-ubiquitous award show vary, students and faculty alike are able to come together through their love of music, no matter what awards the musicians may receive. 

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