New MacBook Pros: Are they really pros?

As the third academic quarter starts to taper out into the last few weeks before Spring Break and the Spring athletic season peeks over the coming horizon, new MacBook Pros have flooded Flint Hill’s halls. Taking the Upper School by storm, these new Macs boast groundbreaking M3 chips, a stunningly long battery life, and the “world’s best” laptop display. Despite these indisputably great qualities, when it comes down to it, only one opinion matters when it comes to consumerism: the consumers’. 

After interviewing a plethora of Upper School students, some trends can be noticed, and several conclusions can be drawn. First, speaking with Sophomore Stella Randall, a big takeaway is how important the little things are in a good product. During the interview, Randall claims, “I love them overall. The keyboards are especially nice and provide a better typing experience. The screen quality is also great, and it makes both schoolwork and entertainment more enjoyable. My only complaint would be the fingerprint issue. Both the screen and the frame get dirty super easily, and before you know it, fingerprints are everywhere. But, despite a few small things, I think they’re great!” 

Sophomore Brooke Crickenberger, although happy about the change, has more mixed views on the new computers, “I think they have pros and cons. They are a super nice color, and I like how light they are, but I think the fingerprints are a big issue. I care about cleanliness a lot, and it’s really hard to constantly worry about wiping down my computer! So although they have some good aesthetic qualities, there are also some aesthetic drawbacks.”

A final Sophomore interviewee, Jane Stanley, has some opinions on the Mac’s functionality, “I think they’re great from an efficiency perspective. They’re easy to use and responsive when I’m trying to get my assignments done. They’re also quite modern, which is great. Screen quality, battery life, it’s a really great step up from before!”

All the quotes above speak to the computer’s functional agility and technological ease, but it seems that there is a consensus regarding cleanliness. Keeping a laptop clean when it’s used on a daily basis can be hard, and when just picking it up leaves a lasting mark, we might have a slight issue with some material choices. 

At the end of the day, these new MacBook Pros not only have pros, but they also have cons. But despite this, there’s an overwhelming agreement that modern functionality and technological ease are major step-ups with this electronic change. At the end of the day, this change was needed so that the student body could keep working hard through these last few weeks before break. 

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