Valentine’s Day Singing Grams


By Grace Semko, Section Editor

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, meaning it’s about time for Flint Hill singing grams! The singing grams are one of the community’s favorite traditions, and students have the opportunity to purchase a singing gram for five dollars and request a faculty member to perform a song for the special someone of their choosing! It’s a blast for everyone involved. 

Upper School Counselor Natalie McLaughlin, a faculty member who performed for students last year, mentioned some of her favorite memories from the 2022 singing grams. “Once, I was performing for a group of students near the admission couches with Ms. Fermengia and Ms. Burton when all of a sudden, we noticed a bunch of people gathering on the balcony overhead. Everyone joined in serenading the students, and it was a blast!,” she said. 

Ms. McLaughlin also mentioned how the singing grams work. “Each faculty member who signs up to perform a singing gram will get sent a list of students and whether or not the submission was anonymous. We also get the class period the song will be sung in and which romantic music to play,” she explained. The faculty members then make their way to the class the special someone is in and briefly pause any academic lesson going on. When prompted about what happens next, Ms. Mclaughlin said, “Then we set the mood, hook up the music and begin our performance!” 


Every show is a hilariously chaotic version of everyone’s favorite romantic pop songs, such as “Baby” by Justin Bieber or “All of Me” by John Legend. If you or someone you know is on the fence about investing in a singing gram, please be encouraged to buy one! The price is really worth it, especially for all of the warm-hearted memories you and your friends will cherish forever.